June 10, 2020 |

Kibler Fowler & Cave Files Suit on Behalf of Paul Walker’s Manager Over Unpaid Commissions From ‘The Fast and The Furious’

Late Actor’s Loan-Out Company Allegedly Refusing to Pay Commissions After Coming Under New Management

LOS ANGELES, CA – Kibler Fowler & Cave filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court last Friday on behalf of Luber Roklin Entertainment and Matt Luber Entertainment against late Hollywood actor Paul Walker’s loan-out company “Vagrant, Inc” for failing to pay commissions on entertainment projects entered into during Mr. Walker’s lifetime. These projects include the iconic The Fast and The Furious Franchise. The complaint describes an “enduring” friendship between Walker and longtime manager Matt Luber, and a nearly two-decade uninterrupted business relationship. “Plaintiffs are at a total loss as to why they are now being forced to litigate given the history of friendship and mutual success,” reads the complaint. “Sadly, the new ‘leadership’ of Vagrant has decided to brush aside the representatives who cared most about Mr. Walker during his life, and dutifully looked out for his personal and professional interests, simply to shave a line item off their balance sheet.”

Plaintiffs are seeking a contractually agreed-upon percentage of Mr. Walker’s earnings, along with a full accounting, and a judicial declaration entitling them to royalties going forward.

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