March 9, 2023 |

Partner John Fowler Quoted in The Hollywood Reporter on Lost Producer Credit

Partner John Fowler was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter article titled, “‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ Exec Producer Shuttle Sparks Breach of Contract Suit Against Lucasfilm,” which describes a recent lawsuit filed by producer Karyn McCarthy against Lucasfilm. The lawsuit alleges that McCarthy accepted a deal to executive produce Star Wars series The Acolyte over a competing offer that would have made her the highest paid producer for Apple. McCarthy accuses Lucasfilm of operating in bad faith when it fired her, causing her to miss out on the Star Wars project and a lucrative opportunity to executive produce an Apple TV+ series and, as a result, millions of dollars.

“John Fowler, who represented Kevin Shulman in a breach of contract suit over a lost producer credit in Charlie Says that resulted in a $1.9 million verdict for his client, notes that it’s ‘not necessary that the parties enter a formalized written contract for the agreement to be binding and enforceable.’” John continued, “[t]his is a handshake town . . . damages in this particular lawsuit have the potential to be substantial given the unique opportunity relating to such a powerful franchise as Star Wars. It is a nearly irreplaceable opportunity lost which would increase not just the monetary damages for lost wages and business opportunity, but also for the value of the executive producer credit itself.” To read more about John’s recent representation of Kevin Shulman in the landmark trial involving the valuation of producer credit in Hollywood, click here.

To read the full The Hollywood Reporter article quoting John, please click here.


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